Employee benefits


We treat our employees as most valuable assets and the foundation of our success and development. With the goal of attracting and retaining talents, we provide our employees with a safe and equal working environment, career opportunities and comprehensive benefit packages. We follow a code of standard for rights and benefits for all employees including compensation, dismissal, recruitment, promotion, working hours etc. 

As of December 31, 2022


SY always places employees' wellness and safety first and commits to provide a safe and healthy workplace to avoid occupational injuries and work accidents. We not only offer fundamental insurance coverages, including social insurance, labour insurance and commercial accident insurance, but also provide annual physical examination to all official employees. In addition, smoking is prohibited in enclosed areas in the workplace and regular fire drills are conducted to minimize fire hazards.



  • Protecting employees during COVID-19
    We have taken a series of actions to ensure all staff can work in a safe and reassuring office environment through the set up of an anti-pandemic taskforce, implementing work-from-home policy, providing sufficient medical supply and promoting pandemic related policies and health recommendations.
    Established Pandemic Provention Team
    Ensure Supply of Medical Resources
    Promote Anti-COVID knowledge

    shengye Values

    Integrity,People Oriented, Service Oriented, Pursuing Innovation


    SY places great emphasis on employee development. By fostering a corporate culture of learning and sharing, we strive to build a learning organization where every employee has opportunities to grow. We also provide high-quality and comprehensive training through a variety of channels, including face-to-face training, cross-departmental sharing, online learning, internal as well as external training, in an effort to ensure our employees at all levels have the expertise to excel in their work and life.