Empowering SMEs


Empowering SMEs is one of the major measures for Sheng Ye Capital to fulfil social responsibility. To help SMEs affected by COVID-19, Sheng Ye Capital has closely monitored the business operations and needs of our enterprise customers since the outbreak of the pandemic, providing rapid response and effective service support.


We provide financing services for our customers through “Easy Factoring”, our proprietary cloud-based IT system, which enables customers to complete the entire process from loan application to withdrawal online. Efficient and easy-to-operate process helps our customers obtain financing quickly to relieve funding pressures. We have also rolled out preferential measures to help SME customers ride their challenges.


As a financial service provider, Sheng Ye Capital well understands the importance of data privacy. We are committed to protecting customers’ personal information and privacy and have included it in our employee handbook. Our employees are strictly prohibited from unauthorized access or disclosure of confidential information (including transaction records and customer identities).


Sheng Ye Capital maintains a high level of business integrity in our operations, and bans any form of corruption, bribery, extortion, blackmail, money laundering or embezzlement of company funds. Meanwhile, we carefully determine and maintain reasonable loan extension terms and interest rates. We don’t tolerate any illegal and violent collection behaviors, striving to provide our customers with a fair and reliable business environment.