Business Model

Focused sectors

SY has served on national strategic industries such as infrastructure, healthcare and energy, and is also actively developing more strategic emerging industries. With an in-depth understanding of their clients’ business and their financing pain points, SY provides them with a full suite of supply chain financing products that are professional and flexible.
  • Infrastructure

  • Healthcare

  • Energy

SY Cloud Platform

A proprietary cloud-based IT platform dedicated to providing digital supply chain fintech services by leveraging its years of industry expertise and Fintech innovation capabilities. Powered by innovative technologies, SY Cloud Platform brings key stakeholders in the supply chain ecosystem, including core buyers, small and medium-sized suppliers and financial institutions, together on one single platform. It facilitates the financing of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and enhances their supply chain management capabilities by turning data generated from the industry ecosystem into credit scores. Meanwhile, the platform also empowers financial institutions through its advanced risk management technologies backed by big data. Driving supply chain efficiency,making finance more inclusive.Based on years of industry experience and fintech innovation, SY Cloud Platform brings together core enterprises, SMEs and financial institutions within a single cloud platform on the supply chain. By harnessing big data analytics to drive risk management, SY is able to empower financial institutions and provide financing to SMEs. This platform has improved the overall industry's supply chain management capabilities, driving supply chain efficiency, making finance more inclusive.

SY Cloud Platform User Interface