Sheng Ye Wins Two Smart Construction Projects for National Science Research Platform, Bringing Smart Supply Chain Services to the Next Level

Source:Sheng Ye Capital   2021-09-28

Sheng Ye Capital Limited (“SY Capital” or the “Company”, stock code: 6069.HK), an industry focused supply chain fintech platform, is pleased to announce that Sheng Ye Information Technology Service (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (“SYIT”), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, was recently selected to be the general contractor for a smart exhibition hall as a part of Stage I Section II of the Peng Cheng Laboratory Shibilong Campus Project. The project win comes on the heels of SYIT’s successful work on a smart construction site as a part of section I of the project earlier this year. The project owners and developer, the Bureau of Public Works of Shenzhen Municipality and China Construction Second Engineering Bureau Ltd, respectively, selected SYIT for the projects because of its leading supply chain management and industrial technology capabilities. The two successful project bids for the Peng Cheng Laboratory mark another milestone for SYIT in its ongoing efforts to develop a smart ecosystem for supply chain services. SYIT will also provide customized smart construction site services, supply chain SaaS software and other support for industrial Internet of Things technology.


Smart Construction Site Solutions

By harnessing a combination of computing, Internet-of-Things (“IoT”), cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, VR&AR and other technologies, the solution overcomes the shortcomings used by traditional methods through the use of advanced engineering project management, intelligent monitoring and system controls on the construction site, enabling all-round real-time monitoring of people, machines, materials, methods, and environment of the project.

Employee Management

By combining face recognition, mobile APP and a web-based terminal, IoT is used for managing onsite traffic, smart WiFi education, employee health checkups as well as various personnel entering the construction site. This data is then integrated into a dashboard, allowing easy management of the entire process.

Intelligent Crane Monitoring

The intelligent crane monitoring system cover all-round real-time monitoring of amplitude, height, load, rotation, inclination, wind speed, etc., and also allows for timely notifications for any unusual activity. The mobile APP also displays the operation status of the tower crane including real-time alerts of personnel identification documents, etc.

Machinery Management System

Machinery BI mainly displays information relating to the overall status of the machinery, including any hidden dangers, specialized personnel, machine conditions, maintenance, and other information, providing for a project-level machinery management command center.

Video Surveillance

The mobile APP allows for real-time remote visual monitoring of the project site including a time-lapse driven function. By compressing several days or a month of video logs into a few minutes, a quick view of the project on-site situation can be assessed within a short period of time.

Foundation Pit Automated Monitoring

By using smart sensing equipment with multiple key data indicators during the excavation of foundation pits, real-time notifications are be triggered and can be sent to a computer of mobile device. Appropriate actions can also be made on site in a timely manner, ensuring the safety of the construction site and surrounding environment.

AI-driven Early Warning System

The system also uses high-definition monitoring equipment to dynamically assess the site in real time, providing a 24-hour automated identification, including identifying any hidden problems to protect construction safety in a timely manner.

Peng Cheng Laboratory’s mission is a vital part of Guangdong Province’s pioneering efforts to promote innovation and build a pilot zone that demonstrates socialism with Chinese characteristics in Shenzhen as part of national and regional development. The lab will feature cutting edge scientific infrastructure supporting cross-domain, multi-disciplinary and coordinated general and applied research, focusing on areas such as network communications, artificial intelligence, and network security. It is expected to become a key platform that attracts high quality and innovative talent from China and abroad. The efforts will lead the way for future academic progress, drive scientific development in network information, and actively promote the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area as an international center for scientific and technology innovation.


(Peng Cheng Laboratory Stage I rendering)

As a national high-tech enterprise, SYIT continues to focus on developing and operating smart industrial technology and digital fintech platforms, and exporting its smart supply chain management and digital services capabilities. SYIT will actively expand its business, drive industrial digitalization with technology innovation, and facilitate intelligent upgrades in the infrastructure sector.