Sheng Ye Information Technology Accelerates Initiatives in Medical SPD Smart Supply Chain Services, Continues to Build Industrial IoT Platform


Under its “Dual-Engine, One Platform” strategy unveiled earlier this year, Sheng Ye Capital Limited (HKEx: 6069), a leading supply chain fintech platform, has doubled down on its R&D efforts and marketing initiatives in Internet of Things (“IoT”) technology and Software-as-a-Service ("SaaS") solutions, in a bid to further strengthen its leading position in the supply chain digitalization domain. In addition, the Company is also actively offering innovative digital services, including smart construction site and building digitalization solutions, as well as integrated smart pharmaceutical supply, processing and distribution ("SPD") services. With its industrial technology capabilities, the Company aims to further penetrate the supply chain ecosystem in the infrastructure and medical sectors, overcome data barriers, and cater to the needs of customers with one-stop smart supply chain management and financing solutions.

Under the backdrop of an increasingly competitive healthcare market, the management and cost control of medical supplies, including medication, medical consumables and reagents, has become an important part of hospital operations. However, the traditional management approach currently employed are unable to satisfy the needs of the hospitals. The management of medical supplies is increasingly becoming refined and scientific, as hospitals strive to meet higher management and cost control standards to enhance competitiveness. In addition, with the introduction of new medical reforms such as streamlined invoicing systems, zero-markup drug policy and separation of prescribing and dispensing, hospitals face an urgent need to improve the quality of their management and services, driving them to enhance cooperation with professional pharmaceutical and medical companies as well as digital supply chain services providers.

SPD supply chain management is short for supply, processing and distribution. Medical SPD management (“medical SPD”) originated from the supply chain integration theory based on a classic model of lean management. Designed under the principle of ensuring the quality and safety of medical consumables to meet clinical needs, medical SPD is a centralized logistics management model empowered by logistics information technology (“LIT”) and professional procedural management which coordinates the alignment of internal needs with external suppliers. It enables the consumables management department to monitor the process end-to-end, from supplies, processing, to distribution of medical consumables for the entire hospital. Medical SPD integrates supply chain management software and SaaS solutions, IoT devices and big data analytics to fully optimize the hospital’s entire information management process. By improving warehouse efficiency and ensuring accuracy of inventory data, together with automated settlement of medical supplies after consumption, enables zero inventory which significantly reduces the cost of manual labor. The SPD system also features end-to-end barcode tracking, inventory alerts and automatic restocking, effectively reducing shortages and ensuring the optimal use of medical consumables.

As a national high-tech enterprise, Sheng Ye Information Technology Services (Shenzhen) Co., Limited (“SYIT”), a subsidiary of SY Capital, has started to accelerate R&D efforts in medical supply chain SaaS solutions. Leveraging its eight-year track record in the medical supply chain segment, SYIT has also signed strategic cooperation agreements with the provincial platforms of several large state-owned medical enterprises. By harnessing IoT and artificial intelligence technologies, SYIT will provide integrated, customized and more efficient medical SPD solutions to hospitals covered by these medical enterprises. In addition, SYIT will continue to invest in industrial SaaS and the IoT domains as part of its broader initiative to build an integrated smart supply chain service platform for strategic industries, in particular new infrastructure, healthcare, and new energy.